The Yellow, Alcovy, and South rivers of north Georgia converge to form the majestic Ocmulgee River. This confluence of water in the agricultural heartland of central Georgia makes up the Upper Ocmulgee watershed. Nutrient rich soil and ample moisture make this district a haven for plant and livestock farmers. The vast lands that are touched by the Upper Ocmulgee.

The Upper Ocmulgee Conservation District aims to protect these lands for generations to come. This board of farmers and community members steward the land with mindfulness and the knowledge of people who grew up on this land. The Upper Ocmulgee basin continues to thrive because of the dedication of the men and women who strive to protect it.


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District Supervisors

Meeting Information

The Upper Ocmulgee River Conservation District meets the third Tuesday of every other month at 10 AM.

The meeting location switches between the Jasper County Farm Bureau Office and the Newton County Administrative Building every other meeting.

To access previous meeting minutes and documents, please click the link below.


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