ONline supervisor and staff training

Georgia Association of Conservation Districts (GACD) has developed various training modules that can be used to teach supervisors and staff the basic operations of conservation districts. The intent of these modules is to have education materials readily available to complete on their own time, and to also conduct "in-house" training during District Meetings as needed. These modules are especially useful when new supervisors are elected or new staff members are hired.

Program Completion Instructions

  1. Supervisors and staff must complete all training modules.

  2. Supervisors complete modules at their own leisure.

  3. Upon completion, supervisor submits Completion Report to Katie Sponberger, Executive Director by December 31 to be recognized at Annual Meeting the following year.

  4. Supervisors and staff will be recognized for their achievement at the GACD Annual Meeting.


Module 1: GACD's Partnership With Districts

Module 2: Conservation District Basics

Module 3: Supervisor Specifics

Module 4: Meeting Specifics

Module 5: The Power of Partnerships

Module 6: District Funding and Financial Management 

Module 7: Ethics

Module 8: Legal Responsibilities 

Module 9: Legislative Advocacy

Module 10: Development and Resources

Completion Report

The following document has been prepared by the Georgia Soil & Water Conservation Commission, for the conservation district staff and supervisors: