GACD Vice President and local District Supervisor enters partnership with Wrangler


Marty McLendon, GACD Vice President and Chair of the Flint River Conservation District, is no stranger to the importance of utilizing conservation practices on his 8,800 acre commercial farm in Calhoun County, GA. In partnership with his local NRCS office, McLendon had assistance with the implementation of practices like cover crops, crop rotation, and conservation tillage which not only conserves natural resources but also improves production efficiency on his farm.

Only five cotton growers in the United States were given the opportunity to partner with Wrangler on their Wrangler Rooted Collection of jeans and t-shirts which honors producers who implement conservation practices. McLendon was one of the lucky five due to his diligence to stewardship of the land and soil health. Wrangler plans to source 100% of its cotton from farms using soil health practices by 2025.

GACD Board Member and Middle South GA Conservation District Supervisor Brian Ponder has also turned to retail with his company, Southern Drawl, that boasts sheets made from Georgia grown cotton.

Products like the Wrangler Rooted Collection and Southern Drawl provide a direct connection to local, conservation minded farmers that help make the clothing you wear and products you use every day.

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