Feral swine have become increasingly detrimental in Georgia, causing significant damage to agricultural crops and natural resources throughout the state. The economic impact of damage caused by feral swine in Georgia last year is estimated at $150 million. A group of agricultural and natural resource organizations are partnering together to bring Georgia’s top experts on feral swine together in a series of educational workshops for farmers and landowners. The partnering agencies will host four workshops and trapping demonstrations throughout the state on the following dates:


Blackshear, GA – Tuesday, December 11

Dawsonville, GA – Tuesday, December 18

Quitman, GA – Monday, January 7

Hawkinsville, GA – Tuesday, January 29


Topics will include disease issues, swine biology, economics, water quality issues, effective control techniques, transport issues, GACD feral swine initiatives and regulations to be followed by a question and answer panel of experts. Each workshop will also include a feral swine trapping demonstration.


Partnering agencies for this effort include the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service, USDA Wildlife Services, Georgia Association of Conservation Districts, Georgia Department of Natural Resources - Wildlife Resources Division, Georgia Department of Agriculture, University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources, Georgia Department of Public Health, and Georgia Farm Bureau.


There is no cost to attend the workshops, but space is limited. Pre-registration is required. More details and registration information is available at

Hurricane Michael Relief

Hurricane Michael has had a devastating effect in Georgia causing widespread destruction, power outages, and agricultural damage estimated around $1.3 billion.

GACD feels led to start a Hurricane Relief Effort for anyone who has been impacted. Everything received will go directly to Hurricane victims in Georgia.

Donations can be monetary (tax deductible, make all checks out to GACD and mail to Michelle Boone, 1101-L Hillcrest Pkway #40, Dublin, GA 31021. Donations can also be made online at or can be in the form of toiletry items, baby wipes, canned goods. Donations and goods can be dropped off to District Program Assistants at District offices statewide. Click HERE for a list of offices.