The Lamar County Conservation District was chartered on March 6, 1981. Although it was originally part of the Towaliga Conservation District, the Lamar County Conservation District now considers itself a very strong partner of its neighbor district in outreach programs and field days. The district board consists of five (5) board members. The district also partners with various businesses, organizations and farmers around the Barnesville, Georgia area, as well as the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Services in the area for educational workshops and outreach programs.

The mission of the Lamar County Conservation District is to promote the wise use of our soil, water and related natural resources through education, public information, leadership, technical assistance and development of innovative programs.
— Lamar County Conservation District Mission Statement


District Supervisors (left to right): Glen Studle, District Vice-Chairman Russ Walters, District Treasurer Lynn Parker (front), Andy Bush, and District Chairman Chad Thompson

District Supervisors (left to right): Glen Studle, District Vice-Chairman Russ Walters, District Treasurer Lynn Parker (front), Andy Bush, and District Chairman Chad Thompson

Chad Thompson

Mr. Thompson sees the importance of soil health and high water quality because it impacts everyday life of every individual, no matter your lifestyle. He joined the board to help other people see the importance of their actions and how common practices can help or hinder the environment on a smaller level.

Glen Studle

Glen Studle has committedly served the district for three years. He is also a member of the Georgia Cattlemen’s Association.

Andy Bush

Andy Bush has served the District for 11 years. Mr. Bush serves on several leadership positions in other organizations, and he owns and operates a farm in Lamar County.

Lynn Parker

Lynn Parker has been a District Supervisor for 11 years and also serves as the District’s Treasurer. She has a history surrounding conservation and natural resource practices.

Russ Walters

Russ Walters has served the district for five years and is also the Vice- Chairman. He is also an active duty service member.

District Personnel

Featured Projects & Events

The District partners with the Barnesville Chamber of Commerce to host the annual “Ag After Hours” event that brings together local farmers and producers to inform them on the latest issues facing agriculture today as well as educate those farmers and producers on how to combat these issues. This event occurs in late spring each year.

The District also partners with the Lamar County Recreation Department and the Lamar County School Board to collectively maintain the Lamar County Wetland Trail, located in Barnesville, Georgia. The trail showcases various types of plants and animals found in wetland areas. It also highlights soil erosion effects over time and how that erosion affects individuals near and far.



No-Till Drill

Meeting Information

The Lamar County Conservation District meets the first Wednesday of every calendar month, excluding July and December, at 9 a.m. in the USDA Barnseville Service Center. For the minutes and documents from previous meetings, please click below.


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Wesley Doyle, District Program Assistant

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