Are you interested in NATURAL RESOURCES conservation? If so, we need YOU to become a Conservation District Supervisor!

Every county in the state of Georgia is part of a Conservation District. Some Districts consist of a single county, and some Districts consist of a group of counties.  Each county in Georgia is represented by at least two Conservation District Supervisors, one elected and one appointed. District Supervisors are either elected for a four-year term or are appointed to a two-year term.

Conservation Districts are units of state government that manage and direct natural resource management programs at the local level. Districts work in both urban and rural settings, with landowners and with other units of government, to carry out a program for the conservation, use, and development of soil, water, and related resources.

current vacancies (YOU MUST BE A RESIDENT OF THE listed COUNTY TO serve):

Brier CreekJenkinsE
Brier CreekGlascockE
Broad RiverFranklinA
Broad RiverHartA
Broad RiverHartE
Flint RiverDoughertyE
Fulton CountyFultonA
Limestone ValleyMurrayA
Limestone ValleyWhitfieldA
Lower Chattahoochee RiverSumterE
Lower Chattahoochee RiverSchleyE
Lower Chattahoochee RiverStewartA
Lower Chattahoochee RiverStewartE
Lower Chattahoochee RiverWebsterE
Middle South GeorgiaCrispE
Middle South GeorgiaThomasE
Ocmulgee RiverMaconE
Ocmulgee RiverPeachA
Ocmulgee RiverPeachE
Ocmulgee RiverTaylorE
Ogeechee RiverEvansE
Ogeechee RiverTattnallE
Ohoopee RiverEmanuelE
Ohoopee RiverMontgomeryE
Rockdale CountyRockdaleE
Rockdale CountyRockdaleA
Satilla RiverCamdenE
Upper Ocmulgee RiverJasperA

If you are interested in becoming a District Supervisor, please CONTACT us!