The Alapaha Conservation District was organized on November 10, 1943, and comprises Berrien, Clinch, Cook, Echols, Lanier, and Lowndes Counties. Two District Supervisors from each county serve on a 12-member Board of Directors. Each county has an elected and appointed Supervisor serving a 4 and 2 year term respectfully. 

By written agreement with and at the request of the Alapaha District, NRCS provides professional conservationists to help implement the District's long-range conservation programs. The Alapaha District channels the services of NRCS to cooperators, individuals, groups, and units of government - and sets priorities for the implementation of conservation practices.

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District Supervisors


Supervisor Tim Hughes – Echols County

Supervisor David Fields – Lowndes County

Supervisor Jake Price, Vice Chairman – Berrien County

Supervisor Paul Folsom – Lanier County

Supervisor Harold (Hal) Simpson – Cook County


Chairman O. C. Prince – Echols County

Supervisor William (B) Darsey – Lanier County

Supervisor Derrell (Derry) Bennett – Cook County

Not Pictured:

Supervisor Roy Crumbley – Clinch County

Supervisor Tim Swilley – Lowndes County

Supervisor Carlos Vickers – Berrien County

Supervisor Vacancy  - Clinch County


District Personnel

district services

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Feral Swine Control


No-Till Drill

Meeting Information

The Alapaha Conservation District meets the second Wednesday of every month at 9:00 a.m. at the Lowndes County Extension Office. To access previous meeting minutes and documents, please click below.


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Emilie Simpson, District Program Assistant


Phone: 229-232-3460

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