The Georgia Association of Conservation Districts (GACD) is a grassroots non-profit organization representing 40 Soil and Water Conservation Districts in Georgia. 


The Voice of Conservation in Georgia


Board of Directors

Dan Bennett, Walton County SWCD
Immediate Past President

Dennis Brown, Broad River SWCD
NACD Representative

Mitch Attaway, Executive Director, GASWCC
Ex-Officio Member

Terrance Rudolph, NRCS State Conservationist
Ex-Officio Member

Woody Snell, Cobb County SWCD

Marty McLendon, Flint River SWCD

Roger Bowman, Catoosa County SWCD

Jake Ford, Alapaha River SWCD

Larry Eley, Piedmont SWCD
Group III Alternate Vice-President

Marty McLendon, Flint River SWCD
Group IV Vice-President

Larry Dillard, Pine Mountain SWCD
Group IV Alternate Vice-President

Jerry Holcomb, Coastal SWCD
Group V Vice-President

Travis Cook, Altamaha SWCD
Group V Alternate Vice-President

Davis Nelson, Coosa River SWCD
Group I Vice-President

Denney Rogers, West Georgia SWCD
Group I Alternate Vice-President

Clay Wilson, Broad River SWCD
Group II Vice-President

Gene Anderson, Hall County SWCD
Group II Alternate Vice-President

Dan Bennett, Walton County SWCD
Group III Vice-President



Conservation Districts were formed across the country in the 1930's in the aftermath of the Dust Bowl to ensure continued protection of natural resources through local leadership.


Photographs courtesy of  Bridget Besaw/TNC and USDA