The Limestone Valley Soil and Water Conservation District is a service-based organization that advocates the stewardship, protection and enhancement of the natural resources of 5 counties in Georgia: Cherokee County, Gilmer County, Pickens County, Whitfield County, and Murray County. We strive to sustain and improve the quality of life for each of these 5 county’s citizens.

Our vision is to be a professional conservation organization that provides high quality programs and services to our present and future residents as we work together to conserve, protect, and enhance the natural resources of these 5 counties.

Our goals

• To conserve, improve, and protect Georgia’s natural resources and promote statewide conservation goals

• To set priorities and direction for the needs of Cherokee County, Gilmer County, Pickens County, Whitfield County, and Murray County’s natural resources

• To educate local residents, municipalities, land owners, educators, and organizations that are involved with and concerned about wise natural resource stewardship

• To encourage using Best Management Practices to conserve the natural resources essential to the quality of life for these 5 county’s citizens, through development and implementation of technical, education, and financial assistance programs


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no-till drill

Conservation tillage is a way to plant crops without plowing or by minimum tilling the soil. The No-Till planting system leaves the soil and crop residues undisturbed with the exception of the area where the seed is placed in the ground. The No-Till program saves energy as well as time. To plant a pasture by traditional methods, farmers are required to make 4-5 trips across a field using about 5 gallons of fuel per acre. The No-Tillage method involves only 1 trip, requiring only about 1/2 gallon of fuel per acre. A No-Till Drill will cut a shallow slit in the soil, deposit the seed, and cover the seed... all in one trip!


The program also saves soil, protects water quality, and improves fertility by keeping soil and crop residues in the field. Conservation tillage using the No-Till Drills can reduce erosion up to 95% compared with conventional plowing, disking, and harrowing for seedbed preparation. Many farmers have achieved higher yields using conservation tillage.

Through a long standing agreement with the Limestone Valley RC&D Council, the Catoosa County Conservation District makes available a No-Till Drill rental program open to the public to encourage conservation tillage in our District. Some 300 acres of land were planted in Catoosa County utilizing the No-Till Drill in the Fiscal Year Ending Sept 30, 2016. Links on the Partners tab on CCCD’s website ( ) will provide all the information you need to apply for technical assistance and grants to help you improve your property’s resource management. For information on this or other programs of the Limestone Valley RC&D Council, Inc, you can also contact them at (423) 309-2630 or visit their website any time at

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The Limestone Valley Conservation District meets the second Tuesday of each month at 11:30 AM at the Davis House Restaurant in Ellijay, GA. To access previous meeting minutes and documents, please click below.


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