Alternative plan review


The Georgia Association of Conservation Districts (GACD) have been working the past 12 months to put in place an Alternative Plan Review Program. This Alternative Plan Review Program will allow Conservation Districts (Districts) to offer an alternative technical procedure for completing the District’s responsibility to review erosion and sediment control plans within 10 business days.


GACD has obtained a group of third party independent qualified erosion control plan review consultants (Consultants), which may vary from time to time, to provide plan review services.

Consultants selected by GACD must be prequalified with the GA Soil & Water Conservation Commission (GSWCC) as a Design Professional and Level II Certified Plan Reviewer. Currently, GACD has approved eight design professionals as Consultants for the Alternative Plan Review Program. GACD will consider requests for additional Consultants at each GACD board meeting. Consultants are required to review plans within 10 business days. *If you are interested in becoming a Consultant, please email Executive Director Katie Sponberger at .


  • GACD and Districts interested in participating execute a Memorandum of Understanding documenting the procedure for GACD to assist the District in its responsibility to review erosion and sediment control plans.

    • There is no fee for Districts to participate.

    • Districts can use the Program as much or as little as they would like.

  • Plan holder contacts District Program Assistant to participate.

  • District Program Assistant submits the Project Information Sheet, Plans to Review and Review Fee to GACD via email at

  • GACD notifies District of the Consultant performing plan review.

  • Consultant reviews plans and forwards completed review to GACD.

  • GACD insures that plan review comments are completed in a timely manner (10 business days) and forwards reviewed plans to District and Plan Submitter.

    • If plans are received via three review cycles and the Consultant has not recommend the plans for approval then GACD will meet with Consultant to discuss in detail the outstanding issues.

  • Plans approved by the Consultant are then ratified by the District either at the next District meeting or via electronic District approval.


• Consultants will perform these services a fixed fee of $600 ($400 if disturbed area is less

than 5 acres). Consultant’s Plan Review Fee will be a fixed lump sum price and shall

include the initial plan review and two additional reviews.


The Alternative Plan Review Program will allow ALL Districts across Georgia, in both

urban and rural areas, a means to complete the District’s responsibility to review erosion and

sediment control plans in an effective and timely manner.